Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art and Sole

Come down to Art and Sole this Friday night at The Gallery 113-1013 17th Ave SW

Tung's got a pair of PF-Flyers in the show

Inspiration from the Vietcong and Vietnam war.
Made from vintage green leather and a Vietnamese conical hat.

See you all there!

40 Artists. Each interprets a pair of PF-Flyers.
Exhibition in 4 Cities.

VANCOUVER/Aug.13 @Ayden Gallery
CALGARY/ Aug.20 @The Gallery
MONTREAL/ Aug.27 @Off The Hook
TORONTO/ Sept.10 @381 Projects

A diverse group in both background & Approach;
Painters, sculptors, illustrators, grafitti artists, conceptual artists…
Coming together to bring to you a unique twist on the classic shoe.

Shoes Auctioned online & live via: iPAD @events

Proceeds: 60 % back to Artists | 40 % to Charity
Charities: TBA

Participating Artists:
Kim Kennedy Austin. Felica Atanasiu. Dave Arnold.Dave Barnes. Ryan Buchnea. Mike Billington. David Brunning. Matt Brunning. Rebecca Chaperon. Dan Climan. Redbird Naomi Cook. Marco Cibola. Aaron Daley. Peru Dyer. Jody Hargreaves. Keith Jones. Calen Knauf. Zema Lam. Eric Louie. Shaun + Lindsey. Robert Mearns. Lupe Martinez. Heather Martin. Niall Mclelland. Randy Niessen. Juliana Neufeld. Nathan Olokun. Andrew Pommier. Daniela Roessler. Tyler Rawka. Peter Ricq. Curtis Santiago. Jordan Soak. Stephen Slattery. Peter Taylor. Andrew Tong. Carson Ting. Tung Vo. Chad Willsie. Tiffany Wollman. Aaron Ellard.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vegetables & Vegetable Soup

Thanks to everyone who came down to Songkla this past Saturday to support us and our good friends at Close to Modern at the Vegetables Compilation CD release party. If you haven't got your hands on a CD yet, it's not too late. You can buy the CD or download the MP3 here. We are also still selling the CD here for $12 and special edition Songkla Vegetables T-shirt with CD for $35. Also the good looking guys of KarmaPolice released the Vegetable Soup Mix in support of the delicious beats that Dominic Pierce, NinetyNine, Dale Evans & the others that were involved in the compilation served up. Looks like you could use some more vitamins.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

&ersand 2: A Collective Art Exhibition

If you guys and gals are looking for something fun & cool to do this week, come check out an art exhibition that some friends of Songkla are hosting at Untitled Art Society Main Gallery. The exhibition runs August 5th & 6th, with the Reception Party on the 7th.

&ampersand is a collaborative art exhibition, where each collaborator brings a different skill, practice and perspective. Collaborations are a unique experience where inspiration, motivation, and new perspectives can influence works created. The beauty of each work comes from how new ideas emerge, as part of the collaborations, where it would not have otherwise happened. It is never a perfect process. As you work off each other, you start discovering your own strengths and weaknesses. Either working harmoniously or clashing ideas, by the end of it, you never know how it’s going to turn out. There are 20+ collaborative works between 40+ artists and designers. This is round 2 of &ampersand. Enjoy.

- Vicki Chau, Barewalls Coordinator

Artist Line-up (in no particular order):

Marbella Anne Carlos & Daniel Kirk
Jennea Frischke & Brook Fung
Dan Nhung & Kim Smith
Michael Mateyko & Hans Theissen
Traudy Chong & Flo Truong
Joel Monea & Mark Eadie
Jarett Sitter & Sam Williams
Aran Wilkinson-Blanc & Jayden Rae
Kyle Scott & Scott Carmichael & Taylor Schaerer
Nigel Davis & Kate Fehr
Jennifer Chung & Thalia Antonio
Brenna Chekerda & Sinead Deery & Curtis Faryna
Vicki Chau & Phil Bowen
Zoe Fullen & Brad Pelletier
Micheal Welchman & Ben Craig
Ryan Mathieson & Chelsee Ivan
Damien Espinosa & Sarah Van Sloten & Steven Cottingham
Rosalind Lee & Andrea Lam
Micheal Welchman & Stefanie Wong
Heather Reinhardt & Chika Ando

August 5+6 @ 12-4 PM

August 7 @ 7-11 PM
Artists in attendance
Cash Bar

Untitled Art Society Main Gallery
4th Floor, 319 - 10 Ave SW (Back Alley Entrance)
Calgary, AB