Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As mentioned a few of us were in the beautiful rainy city of Vancouver this past weekend. Some of us were there to work more than play, and vice versa but I won't name names. haha. Who am i kidding,I was there to mainly PLAY! But I'm making up for it by working my fingers to the bone braiding leather for some upcoming winter coats...keep a look out for them! Back to the point though. We did manage to get together for drinks & a few rounds of old school Big 2 and then party it up at Shine. Being the Ed Banger groupies that some of our friends are, we specifically came out this weekend to bow down and get down to the newest genius added to the Ed Banger fam, BREAKBOT. The show did not let us down, between chillin behind the dj booth and getting to see Breakbot work his magic up close and being a midst the great energy of the crowd we had a crazy crazy good time. The boys were thrilled to exchange a few appreciative words with Breakbot, who has been regarded as the best producer of 2009 to electro fans and artists alike. Somehow after the excitement of the night we managed to stumble back to the hotel to enjoy the most amazing pipin' hot veggie pizza and ohh was it ever goooood. What a weekend. Enjoy a Breakbot video! And as a plus I've added on another Ed Banger artist video...Uffie > i heart her steeze.

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