Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Converge: Photos

Sometimes the lull of Calgary creeps into me and my cynicism for the street culture here bubbles up as I watch pairs and pairs of embellished denim and yoga pants walk on by. But then there are nights like these that stomps out that mentality when you see artists that are passionate about their crafts come together to represent a smidgen of the talent that the city actually has to offer. We were excited to have been invited to participate in Converge and have some of Calgary's freshest voguers and bboys rep the Mananoshe and Songkla collections as they did their thing down the runway and on the floor. John Nguyen did a great job organizing the group of graffiti artists, dancers, beat boxers, rappers, designers, store owners and the live band at the Auburn Saloon to showcase the Calgary urban scene while also raising money towards the Haiti relief. Sometimes it's easy to under appreciate the creativity around you but you just need a whack and some flares (puns intended. har har har) to open your eyes and realize it again.

photos courtesy of Ross Media Convergence and Glen Co Photography

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