Monday, July 19, 2010

Dominic Pierce, Ninetynine and Songkla Presents: Vegetables

compilation cd release party
saturday july 31st 8pm

On July 31st, Songkla and Close To Modern ( are celebrating the release of Vegetables, a CD Compilation by Dominic Pierce and Ninetynine.

This is Close To Modern's first official release, featuring locally-grown beats from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto and a
rtwork from Songkla. The album is a 17-track showcase of detroit/chicago/french electronic genres, by acts such as True Craft (illustrious beat champion), Chicago Jim, and Dale Evans (

Come grab a copy of the CD and a tshirt (there are only 100 copies) and party with the likes of Pierce, Ninetynine, The Karma Police, and some special guests!

Vegetables Track Listing

1. Charles B - Gently
2. Ninetynine - Chernobyl SS
3. Some Beautiful Losers - About You Now
4. Carrell Street - Go
5. Dale Evans - Reef Rock
6. True Craft - Keep Ya Heads Noddin
7. Swimm - Foto
8. NNPP - Petrol
9. Shoot Camera - The Lighter
10. Dominic Pierce - Vibrations
11. Tyrone Benton - Whistleblower
12. Slim Paris - Foundation
13. True Craft - I Love Ur Soul
14. School of Lisbon - Thinkin Bout
15. Dominic Pierce - Wolf (Dale Evans Remix)
16. Suzukii - Loves You
17. Chicago Jim - Starship Nap Time

Hope to see you there!

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