Friday, November 13, 2009

Varsity (Letterman) Jackets

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Wings & Horns
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Our Version:

What began as and continues to be a representation of high school and college student's pride in their school and team, the Varsity Jacket displays personal achievements in athletics, academics and other school activities. The letter of the schools initial(s) is emblazoned on the left breast of what is usually a wool jacket with leather sleeves and a band collar.
With such distinction attached to the Varsity Jacket, mens wear lines throughout the years have sought to emulate the classic design.


  1. OMG!! How much is that grey krane jacket?!?!?!

  2. who knows but the fit looks real bad. I am curious to know the fit of the Wings and Horns Jacket cause for 750$ it better be real good. What does the Mananoshe jacket reatail for?

  3. The Mananoshe Varsity Jacket is priced at $450 CDN. We do take orders via email: or you can call us directly at 043-455-2275.