Saturday, January 16, 2010

For A Friend

As a small independently run company, Songkla has been blessed with huge support from family, friends and a growing list of loyal customers. These mocs are specially made as a gift for a good friend of ours. It's his 26th birthday today and this is just a small token of appreciation for all the support he's given Songkla right from the beginning. He's the dude responsible for creating the website, and always looking fresh rockin' the Mananoshe gear. Here's to H.C., happy birthday homie.

-A little insight into the mocs. They're made from a heavy vintage leather jacket (thanks Al for the hook up). Luckily the jacket is from the early nineties so I was able to utilize the shoulder pads for the quilted heel cushion. Leather midsole, rubber sole. Hand pressed grommets. Although I was able to use my trusted heavy duty Mercury sewing machine on a few areas, there was still a considerable amount of hand-stitching involved. I was very tempted to keep these for myself, but oh well maybe the next one.


  1. Personally, I think they're fly as shit! Totally cool, I'd buy them for my bf.

  2. Love the look...I'm banking on this being pretty comfortable...hopefully it doesn't take too long to make because I'm booking my order now!...

    Keep up the great innovative work guys!